Billet Raw Material

Imported raw materials (Sponge iron, PIG, DRI, HBI) are first refined and only quality ore is extracted and is again subjected to chemical testing, and the resultant raw material is tested for quality based on Ran India Steels (P) Ltd quality standards before utilizing and melting them.

Laddle pouring Method

The rust particles from the melted iron are filtered twice for each time when subjected to heat. The melted Iron, if directly injected into molding, internal grain formation will not get equally distributed. In order to avoid this, we use Laddle method for bottom pouring, due to which 100% of melted iron is extracted. This way, we at Ran India Steels (P) Ltd, produce high quality billets.

Continue Support Process

The billet material is then transformed into steel rods by heating them from 1200 'c to 900'C with a high speed process, because of which the Internal Grain Formation is ensured.


Windmill - Green Energy

We produce electricity required for our production unit, through high tech Suzlon Windmill, with 2 windmills each of capacity 1.25 Mega Watts and with energy capacity of 2.5 Mega Watts. We produce 40 lakh unit of electricity every year to run the production unit.